Our Rutland site

Lodge Reception

Situated in the picturesque village of Market Overton in Rutland, our site offers residential accommodation and work and education services for up to 30 residential and 18 day service users.

There are 4 houses and 13 independent living flats each having their own identity and individual character. Our spacious gardens and grounds extend over 20-acres site in a beautiful location, giving plenty of space for walking, safe bike riding and enjoyment of the countryside.

All of our rooms have en-suite facilities and all of our residents have their own key to their room. All of the rooms and communal areas are spacious and comfortable.

If you’re interested in accessing either Residential or Day Services at The Lodge Trust, we invite you to contact us and arrange a visit to see what we offer and discuss your needs. Residential vacancies don't happen very often but we would still encourage you to contact us. We will arrange visits and assessment periods as appropriate. Day service user vacancies are however more frequent. 

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Sean Anderson, 13/09/2016