Work and Education Services 

What we do

  • We provide real-life work experiences for adults with learning disabilities.

  • Service Users get opportunities to use various skills within the range of work opportunities on site and within the local community.

  • We have a selection of ASDAN education courses covering a wide range of skills from hospitality to managing money, allowing them to practise the skills they have learnt and to develop new skills. We also have courses aimed at assisting people to gain employment.

  • Some of the work is centred around looking after the community we live in, while other work is creative and productive, making a range of products which are sold in the Country Park Café and elsewhere.

Work teams include

  • Woodwork
  • Craft
  • Horticulture
  • Domestic Skills
  • Food preparation
  • Customer services and hospitality

Within our work teams, people of various abilities are able to work together as a team, with the option to have the space to work independently. 

The work opportunities on offer are within the limits of each individual's abilities while still providing new opportunities to learn and develop skills.

The programme of work on offer has various options in order to provide choice.

Service Users have their own individual timetable with the activities they enjoy together with the assessed, adequate support needed to do the activities.

We see and treat everyone as individuals throughout the application process and whilst at the service. Regular meetings are held with appointed link workers to ensure happiness and that any changes in support needs are being met.

Why we do it

Work can be defined as a purposeful activity undertaken by humans to achieve necessary tasks. Work for many people today is all about time and money, but this is not always the case, as with housewives, mothers and volunteers. Here we aim to give work its full meaning by providing necessary work that is appreciated by others and includes the satisfaction of a visible end product or service.

What our Service Users have to say about us

I like being creative.
It’s great fun.
I like learning new skills.
I like the practical work.
I like doing new things.


What our staff have to say about us

We love working with the Service Users.
I like the exciting new discoveries, the happy accidents.
I like the Christian element of working at The Lodge; it creates a good atmosphere.
The best thing about working at The Lodge Trust is the Service Users who work here; they enjoy it and make it a unique environment to work in. They make me laugh on a daily basis, making it more relaxed, like a family!

Sean Anderson, 20/09/2016